//Edo PDP Is Stranded – EDSG

Edo PDP Is Stranded – EDSG


The Dan Orbih-led campaign train of the failed Edo People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has resorted to falsehood, the latest being a non-existing N7billion travel allowance in the 2019 Budget of Edo State.

The Edo State 2019 Budget is a public document and there is no such provision from page one to the last, of the document.

To sink so low and input items that do not exist into a public document, amounts to crossing the line.

With Governor Obaseki’s achievements in the last two years, Edo people can tell who ‘ate their yams’ and who is frugally applying our resources on impactful projects such as road infrastructure, health centres, the education of our children and the security of our people and our property, to mention only a few.

Our latest proof of superior management ability is the promotion of Bendel Insurance to the elite soccer league in Nigeria, an achievement that all Edo sons and daughters, irrespective of their political convictions have hailed the Obaseki administration for.

Just like in soccer, everything the Edo PDP ruined, Obaseki is, with his midas touch bringing back to life.

We understand the frustration in trying to sell a party notorious for looting public funds, but telling lies and propagating falsehoods at campaign grounds will not help the difficult position that the Edo PDP has put itself.

The eight years of PDP leadership in Edo remain our dark ages, and all Edo people know that so well. No lies by Dan Orbi and his  co-travellers can  change that because Edo people are too intelligent to be swayed so cheaply.

Obaseki is retelling our developmental story as a state with roads that are springing up daily, everywhere in the three senatorial districts, health centres, job creation and empowerment opportunities, improved education etc.


Crusoe Osagie, Special Adviser to Edo State Governor on Media and Communication

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