In human communities, there are three major ways by which we protect ourselves from danger.

  1. The first and most effective protection is the “physical approach”, which involves the use of your hands combined with your intellect as provided by God. This is the most effective because, “ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN VOICE”.
  2. The second is the application of “speech”, which enables you to share your problem with others for counseling and assistance. This approach is effective; however, if the advice is wrong or the necessary assistance did not arrive early, you may become a victim.
  3. The last and the “weakest” approach to solving human problems is the use of “prayer”. Prayer is the last resort of human because, it implies that you have been defeated, incapacitated, helpless and miserable hence; you rely on God’s spiritual protection that its timing is unpredictable. Relying on God for what you could have done for yourself with your God given talent, is not an indication that you love God better than those who are more disciplined and plan better to solve similar problems. God is very busy with all the nine billion people and all his other creations on earth and other planets. That is why if prayer is the last resort for anybody, you can only “hope” because, when one is miserable and conquered.

“YOU HAVE NO OTHER MEDICINE THAN HOPE”. At that point, it is better to reassess the strategy that led to your failure. It could be an opportunity for reaffirming your strength for quick recovery and more success.

Scientists have discovered one thousand two hundred and twenty four (1224) planets in outer space, the earth is just one of them. As Black people, we must plan our survival and allow God to continue his creation so that religionist will not continue to exploit our little resources for their personal wealth. The job of religionist is to milk people who are weak and poor. “IT IS LACK OF CONFIDENCE IN GOD THAT MAKES A PERSON THINKS THAT ANOTHER PERSON CAN LINK HIM TO GOD”. The worship of God is not a profession that should take all our time, because God expect you to be physically and intellectually looking for what will protect you and not to be inactive with constant begging or allowing people to be your link to him.

Worshipping God is expected to be a communal development. You spend little time for private prayers at home, office or communal temple and go to work until the need arises again. In prayer, “you must be patient”, because, predicting the time the result of your prayer will manifest is not possible. Failure most times is due to lack of foresight in planning, execution of ideas and inadequate application of intelligence to protect your goals and all that belongs to you.

God loves everybody equally and not only the indolent or lazy (those who detest hard work and want to depend on him). The difference is that, while the “weak planner” is always begging the creator and pretending to love God better than other people, as a result of his or her wish to be a beggar, the “successful planner” equally thanks God for any physical effort that tasked his or her Intelligence without boasting or advertising his love for God like the prayer warriors who refuses to do anything for themselves. “Black leaders should re-orientate our people to believe in our physical and intellectual endowment and avoid permanent disturbance of God as “prayer warriors”.

Black Africans, especially Nigerians spend 60% of our time in religious houses believing that God will do for us what he has already sent us to achieve for ourselves on earth. In most Black African communities worldwide, we abandon our work and follow religious leaders on multiple selfish religious programs, believing that without working, God will send spirits to pay our children school fees, house rents and cost of ceremonies. Our leaders similarly wait for God to construct our roads, build houses and administer our political system for us, hence all government money is donated to religions of foreigners in Black Africa, with the hope that the success of Europeans and Arabians will suddenly emerge in our land without work. Black leaders encourage Black citizens not to be “good and intelligent planners” but rely on invincible success of foreign divinities and spirits. This helps leaders of foreign cultures and religions to exploit our people in Africa. An able body beggar who is in your house daily appealing for different types of favor is practically expressing his or her laziness and not love for you and your family. This is what Black leaders are practicing with our people in religious worship of God, to make Blacks lazy and poor.

The advantage of our ignorance and indolence for African leaders is that Black people in poverty are unable to protest against their leaders; instead the leaders bribe religious leaders to re-direct our people’s attention to multiple religious programs that will intoxicate our citizens like “hard drugs”. The sugar coated tongue religious leaders use sweet speeches to hallucinate and delude Africans into negative beliefs that success will suddenly fall from the air.

If you depend on luck for success, it will sometime come at unpredictable times. However, the luck will soon be exhausted ‘as you use it. How long will it take another spiritual luck to come through prayers, instead of planning and executing your ideas well for your achievements? This is the reason why Black people are generally poor because we believe too much in luck through prayers and foreign assistance, instead of independent thinking and execution of our decisions for our achievement.


Oregbe Omorodion

Politician! Activist

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