//EDO 2020: Move Against Imposition Of Governorship Candidate – Edun Akenzua Tells Edo People

EDO 2020: Move Against Imposition Of Governorship Candidate – Edun Akenzua Tells Edo People

A member of the Benin Royal family, HRH Edun Akenzua, MFR, has called on the people of Edo state, particularly the Benins to resist at all cost the imposition of a governorship candidate on them during next year’s gubernatorial election in the state
Akenzua, the Enogie of Obazuwa in Ovia North- East Local Government Area of the state, noted that political imposition is inimical to the political growth and development in any society.
He stated that imposition and god fatherism have done too much damage to the political advancement of Edo State, noting that such political evils should be eradicated by well-meaning Benins.
The Royal father disclosed that it was in that regards that he and other like minds formed a political pressure group known as Benin Leaders of Thought (BLT) with operational base in Benin City.
According to him, BLT was formed to fight against political imposition, particularly in the Benin area, nothing that “before the advent of the BLT, it was people from outside Benin land that were choosing for us (Benins) the people who will represent us at any level.
“The Benins virtually had no say as to choosing who to represent them. And we (BLT) said it shouldn’t be so and we fought vigorously to end it.
“We insisted that any position zoned to Edo South, be it at the level of Federal or State government, it is the Benin people that should decide who to go for them.
“It was very clear to BLT that forces from outside Benin land were and still interested and determined to polarize Edo South, using political appointments as baits and so BLT decided to fight for the interest of the Benins and to remove them from under external political influence.
“so, by coincidence, when Comrade Oshiomhole came to me around 2006, and said he wanted to be the governor of the state; he told us that he wanted to redesign the face of politics in Edo state and that we would fight against political godfatherism and give political power to the people, we were very happy because that was one of the main goals of the BLT. So Oshiomhole and BLT teamed up to abolish godfatherism from our political system.
“ And around 2014, he , Adams Oshiomhole personally assured me and also assures most Benin leaders that because of the support Oba Erediauwa gave to his government, he would ensure that the Benins are given a free hand to present the person that will succeed him as governor of the state.
”He insisted that he would not allow the political godfathers to hijack it. So we were all very happy and even the Oba was happy too.
“Based on that assurance, the BLT went into action and has also those aspiring to the governorship seat from the Benin extraction, irrespective of their political affiliations, were thoroughly screened and the best among them were brought forward to Comrade Oshiomhole.
“But few months to the governorship election in the state,Ccomrade Oshiomhole changed. He did not give us the free hand he promised us for the selection. We were completely surprised. But good enough, we discovered that the person (Mr. Godwin Obaseki) who he single handedly picked was one of the few aspirants that passed our screening.
“So the action of the comrade created a schism. The Benin people were again polarized by Comrade Oshiomhole.
“Now, see what is happening in the state. Governor Obaseki that was imposed on the Benin people by Oshiomhole alone is being rejected by the same Oshiomhole. Oshiomhole, when he was campaigning for Governor Obaseki said, Obaseki was the brain behind his success and went ahead to assure all and sundry that Obaseki will do better than him, if elected governor of the state.
“I am very shocked at the present behavior of Comrade Oshiomhole. I’m not campaigning for Governor Obaseki but the right thing should be done and that is why I strongly believe that Obaseki should be left alone by Oshiomhole and his friends.
“Now, they are accusing Obaseki of not completing the Benin Water Storm Project, even though they are aware that work stopped on the project almost two years before the exit of Comrade Oshiomhole.
Also, they said Governor Obaseki has refused to put the 5-star hospital built by the Oshiomhole government into use, even when they know very well that some months after commissioning by President Buhari, Comrade Oshiomhole for obvious reasons refused to open the health facility to Edo people.
“So, to me Governor Obaseki is like a child who caught his mother in the act of adultery, he can’t tell his father because of the consequences that will follow.
“I think that Governor Obaseki knows what has happened to the Benin Storm Water Project and the 5-star hospital but out of implicit loyalty to Oshiomhole by giving excuses for the failure of the hospital to work.
“He (Obaseki) is still protecting Oshiomhole when he publicly told the people that there was no quarrel between him and Comrade Oshiomhole, even though Oshiomhole supporters have risen against the governor.
“Now the political leaders loyal to Oshiomhole are quarreling that the governor is not giving them money after they had worked very hard t put him in office.
“But the truth is that the political leaders did not put Obaseki in office, rather it was the people that voted for Obaseki to become the governor of the state.
“If they have the power to put Obaseki in office, why did they not put themselves into office as governor of the state, so that they will have the opportunity to be sharing the state resources of the state as they like.
“So, Oshiomhole should take things easy because we don’t want another political godfather in Edo state. Whether Obaseki performed well or not, but since he was imposed on Edo people, particularly the Benin people, he must be allowed to do his eight years, if he (Obaseki) so desire and the vote for him again. It is not Oshiomhole that should keep imposing people on us. We have the right to choose for ourselves.

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