//How I Became A Politician — Buhari

How I Became A Politician — Buhari

Nigeria’s leader, President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed why he took an interest in partisan politics after ruling the country as a military general.
He explained that the decision to join politics was taken after he received a clean bill on his integrity from those who detained him after the 1985 military coup.
President Buhari disclosed that his record as governor of the North East, Minister of Petroleum, and Head of State was thoroughly checked and nothing incriminating was found against him.
“After I was released and nothing was found on me; I took interest in politics,” he told a group of youths on Friday at the Presidential Villa, in Abuja.
The President added, “This is what pushed me into partisan politics to serve with integrity. So, I decided to try leadership as a civilian, after taking off the military uniform.”

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